Jun 20 2016

Xbox Design Lab – Xbox One Controller

One of the more interesting announcements this E3 was a custom controller design and build service being offered by Microsoft for the Xbox One. For about $15 more than the price of a standard off the shelf controller, you can have one custom built using a color scheme you select, as well as, for an additional fee, have your gamertag or most anything (within reason) laser engraved on it.


These controllers will, of course, be the newest models, which feature Bluetooth as well as other minor improvements, and will be built to your order specifications.I would imagine Microsoft will put slightly better quality controls behind these controllers than they do the standard ones, but who knows – they certainly wouldn’t officially announce such, but usually custom orders from companies get more care placed behind them.


Will I order one? Maybe, in the future. I have designed one in classic Xadara blue style, and would love to have a personalized controller such as this, but i would also want an elite controller rather than the standard. For the price, it’s somewhat of a tough choice, but who knows what the future will hold. Maybe we will get to order a custom elite controller in the future.


It’s little things like this that make me smile about gaming these days – a chance for something more personal, from the company themselves. Of course, this is probably a reactionary move to all of those companies that will do controller modifications, as a way to cut into that business, but still, it’s something. At least its a way to make our gaming even more personal from the manufacturers end, right?

Oh, and I’m sure you have noticed the controller pictures in this article. Yep, that’s the controller I designed. Yes, I’m fond of purple. Yes, if you want to buy it for me you can. No? Well it was worth asking.

Anyway, here is the promotional video. Enjoy!

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  1. That is quite a cool thing to be honest, I’d probably get a Dark Purple and Black controller to match my avatar.

    1. I could totally see you with one like that.

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