Nov 13 2015

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

With the release of the New Xbox One Experience on November 12th, Microsoft also released Backwards Compatibility with Xbox 360 games. That’s right, you can play your Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One.

Well… not all of them. Not yet, and it takes some patience, but, I’ll explain it here.



1: Make sure the game you wish to play is on the compatible games list, located here:

2: If your game is a digital purchase, simply select it from your games list in My Games and Apps, and install it!

3: if your game is disc based, insert the disc into the Xbox One, and after a short time, you will be prompted to download an update to the game to make it playable. What the Xbox One is actually doing is downloading and installing a special build of your game – you will, of course, need to have the disc in the console to play the game, but otherwise, the game is installed to the console, playing just like a digital copy.

4: I forgot to mention this in my video, but if you already have save data on the 360, there is no normal way to transfer it to the Xbox One – you will need to copy your save game to the Xbox Cloud Saves folder (requiring Xbox Live Gold) and from there you can access this synced save on your Xbox One.


That’s it! To access the guide in Xbox 360 gameplay on your Xbox One, hit the Menu and View buttons on your Xbox One Controller. Beyond that, games play perfectly fine, and you have access to all kinds of Xbox One features like app snapping, game streaming, video recording, screenshots, and more!

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