Dec 31 2012


As I type this, 2012 is in its last few hours. I wanted to make sure I ended the year with one major update on everything I can think of in relation to Xadara on a whole, and what my thoughts are for 2013.

Without any hesitation, let’s dive right into it!

I want to start off with the “Anime Blues Con Video Project.” Sad to say, I have decided not to do this project. While the stock footage is good, and I have plenty to say about the con, I have my own personal issues about making and uploading such a film: would people want to be in something I made? Do I have legal right to put them in such a documentary? I also had issues with the video format my camera takes, requiring me to convert those files into another type, resulting in many small issues I never could fix, and lastly, time. I never could get more than some basic work done, and as the months dragged on, I never did get back to working on it, and it slowly became less relevant to me to work on. Maybe one day I will compile video from it, and ABC3 (when it happens in June 2013) into a two part video, but until then, the files will just stay a happy memory on my hard drives.

I have a ton of games, new and old, that I would like to write reviews on. However, while I have an idea on the way I would like to write such, I still have not actually sat down and typed one out. I’m sitting on about a dozen ideas that I just need to actually write out. Of course, like everything in this list, it’s a matter of finding the willpower and time together to work on such. Maybe one day soon, I’ll get around to them. Only time will tell, though.

In a similar vein, I have many new devices to talk about, and give my thoughts on: I still haven’t even updated the “What I use” page to indicate my upgrades on my desktop, or my new laptop computer. Like the game reviews, every time I want to write something, I never get around to it. You would think I would find more time, but it never happens.

It isn’t all bad though, as I do think I have much of the ground work done for my future goals with this site, and what I like to do. I have been working on my photography skills, trying new things and pushing the modest equipment I have to its peak. I am working on a book, of all things, and I have many other somewhat minor goals for the year. Nothing may be all that important, but they are still goals I have.
While these past few weeks I haven’t practiced, I have slowly begun learning how to write applications for the Windows RT environment, in the hopes to eventually publish some simple software for Windows 8 based platforms. That though will be a long term plan, but

I would like to get out and take even more photos. I would like to get more coding practice, and get more things written for the website on a whole. I want to express more of what I think to the world.

Honestly, I wish I had more to say, but, well, it is what it is. 2013 will be here in a few hours, by my time, and while I will be sleeping when it happens (I have a day job to get to, after all), I know when I wake up I will be ready to get done all the things I couldn’t get done in 2012.

Get ready, 2013 is going to be big.

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