Oct 18 2016

Jim Sterling Vs Digital Homicide – The Interview

A perfect follow up to the last article would certainly be posting the entire interview between Digital Homicide and Jim Sterling. Digital Homicide, the ultimate producer of terrible games on Steam, and JIm Sterling, the ultimate critic of terrible games on Steam. A match made in hell, to be sure. This interview was recorded in the Summer of 2015, so it’s a little old, but is right in the middle of the Digital Homicide drama fest!

In all seriousness, this interview, going for about an hour and a half, is quite an amazing look into the mind and logic of the Digital Homicide team, and how they view things, compared to Jim Sterling’s quite down-to-earth (albeit eccentrically styled) take on the idea of games development and general criticism of the entertainment software industry.

Jim Sterling may be somewhat crude, and rather out there in his Jimquisition program, and in his commentary while he plays various games, but behind this humor is a very thought out analysis of what is going on in the game or in the gaming scene at the time of the videos creation. He knows how to say what he wants to say, and he does, in my mind, a damn fine job with it.

That being said, here’s the interview. Grab something to drink and let it play in the background – it’s sure to be a treat.

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