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Feb 17 2018

Small YouTube Channels Didn’t Cause The Adpocalypse

We’re going to step back just a tad to 2017 and the event on YouTube known as the “Adpocalypse.” The Adpocalypse was a major slashing in income earned on YouTube from advertising, due to multiple factors, the greatest of which being ads simply not being run on certain videos deemed unsuitable, due to reasons we …

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Jan 18 2018

Did You Ever Think That Maybe Some YouTube Content Creators Want To Stay “Small Time?”

So, today was the first full day of the fallout from YouTube’s announced changes to their Partner Program – the first day to really see what the internet had to say about it, and honestly, it’s about exactly what I expected. Many people behind relatively small channels of all types are of course objecting to …

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Jan 17 2018

YouTube Changes Its Partner Program Requirements – For The Worse

I never did get a chance to write about the “Adpocalypse” of 2017. Super long story cut short, varying incidents with high profile YouTube content creators resulted in many advertisers pulling their advertising from the platform entirely, due to not wanting to be associated with objectionable content creators. It got worse recently when a high …

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Dec 01 2017

Looks Like It’s Over For Vidme

With YouTube being in the state it is currently (something I’m long overdue for addressing) many video creators online have been looking for an alternative, and for the past few months it looked like a certain little website known as Vidme would be a good alternative – it looked to work about as well as …

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Nov 20 2017

A Good Example Of People Missing The Point Entirely

In my previous article, where I discussed how a YouTuber got a play button award with a racist phrase written on it, the subject of the video the content creator had made, and thus the subject of my article itself, was the fact of how and why he could get the item with the inscription …

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Nov 19 2017

YouTube Automation, Chinese Factories, And A Racist Play Button

Talk about something coming out of nowhere, today I present you with a little insight into just how completely screwed up YouTube is. However, as with many things, we’re going about this in a somewhat roundabout way. You know those play button awards that YouTube gives out to people who reach certain subscriber thresholds and, …

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Jul 24 2016

YouTube Comments are Absolute Garbage

This whole article should go without saying – it shouldn’t need to be made, but screw it, I need to vent about this. YouTube comments are, as the title states, absolute garbage, in many ways worse than most of the internet as far as open commentary goes, and it’s really pathetic that this is the …

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Jun 29 2016

The Great YouTube Subscriber Purge – Or Was It Just A Glitch?

Many YouTube Content Creators awoke yesterday to find that they had lost many subscribers seemingly overnight. While some larger YouTube channels lost thousands, smaller channels lost maybe 10 – I personally went from 191 to 184, and I was somewhat surprised until I looked on Twitter and saw many others posting about similar losses, which …

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May 21 2016

Fox, Family Guy, Double Dribble, YouTube, and the DMCA

Proving yet again how absolutely broken the YouTube copyright system is, Fox has issued a DMCA takedown against a YouTube video of the NES game “Double Dribble.” The reason? The video clip, which was uploaded in 2009, was used in the most recent (at this time) episode of the animated comedy Family Guy. That’s right. …

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Apr 28 2016

YouTube is “Improving Content ID for Creators”

So, in the event you have been living under a rock and not been aware, there has been, over the past few months, a massive backlash against YouTube and its content ID system, known as “Where’s the Fair Use” ( #WTFU). Any search on that tag shows video after video, post after post, tweet after …

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