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Feb 06 2018

What’s My Issue With SpaceX? – The Complete Story


I don’t hide my opinions. Hell, that’s what this site is based upon heavily – my thoughts and opinions on a wide variety of subjects, both historic and topical. Something I have incredibly strong opinions about is the subject of space and rocketry, and of course a major player in the field, the company run …

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Feb 05 2018

Fans Riot On The Streets Of Philadelphia Because Their Team Won The Super Bowl. Yes, Seriously.

I didn’t think I’d have to do a follow up to yesterdays article regarding sports, but here I am. This actually somewhat works as a fine follow up to the earlier article today on differing interests and opinions, too, but I’ll get into that. Regarding the Super Bowl last night, apparently the Philadelphia Eagles won …

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Feb 04 2018

The Obsession With Sports Makes No Sense To Me

So, right now the Super Bowl is going on; a yearly event that it seems everyone everywhere obsesses over for reasons I simply cannot grasp in the least. Let’s seriously look at this for a moment: the Super Bowl consists of 2 groups of adults tossing around some inflated oblong ball, trying to get it …

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Nov 19 2017

YouTube Automation, Chinese Factories, And A Racist Play Button

Talk about something coming out of nowhere, today I present you with a little insight into just how completely screwed up YouTube is. However, as with many things, we’re going about this in a somewhat roundabout way. You know those play button awards that YouTube gives out to people who reach certain subscriber thresholds and, …

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Feb 05 2017

No, I Don’t Really Care About Sports, And That’s Okay – Part 1

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. Oh wait, they don’t like it when you say Super Bowl, so it’s “The Big Game” day! Right, a day where the most boring, most over hyped event ever happens. Yeah, as you could tell from that opening line, and the title of the post, I just don’t give a …

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Dec 24 2016

Last Minute Shoppers

It never ceases to amaze me how many people decide the days right before an event are the optimum time to purcahse gifts and other items for that event. These same people are then amazed when the stores are out of stock of items, and quickly complain about lines being backed up and everything taking …

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